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Amy Stevenson Wilson, MPH

Meet Amy Stevenson Wilson, MPH, CHWC
The Ohio State University
Health Behavior/Health Promotion
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Amy’s passion for public health began as an undergrad. She studied political science and felt that she was exposed to many of the problems in the world but not the solutions to solve them. That all changed on her first day of Public Health 101. She laughs now as she remembers the tears that came to her eyes as she learned about John Snow and his impact on the world. She’d found her calling.

Amy got her public health feet wet as an intern at the Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women’s Health. While in D.C., Amy was exposed to many facets of public health and realized that she wanted to be involved in educating others about good health practices. This led her to a Master’s in Public Health with an emphasis in health behavior/health promotion from The Ohio State University.

Corporate Wellness
Amy finished up school in Ohio and moved to Connecticut where, after several months of searching, she began work as a health promotion associate for Corporate Fitness and Health (CF&H). This corporate wellness company impacts employee health by designing personalized wellness programs for its clients. Their services include health screenings, informational seminars, company challenges and health coaching.

Amy prepping for a health screening.

Amy prepping for a health screening.

CF&H generously paid for Amy’s certification as a Health and Wellness Coach (CHWC) through the Wellcoaches Corporation. She coached employees from The Whitcraft Group on a weekly basis, helping them improve their wellness through education, goal setting, and accountability. She also coordinated with the Whitcraft wellness committee to organize corporate events to promote health. Amy soon realized the potential of corporate wellness to impact population health.

Amy with Whitcraft wellness committee members after a planning meeting.

Amy with Whitcraft wellness committee members after a planning meeting.

Amy finished up work in Connecticut and is currently staying home with her one-year-old daughter. In 2015, she started in order to create an online community for Masters of public health. Her dream is to connect MPH-ers in order to help them do what they were trained to do: make the world a safer and healthier place to live.

Amy’s Advice for MPH Grads
Amy’s advice for MPH grads is to think outside the box.

As MPH-ers, there are so many problems that we are trained to solve, yet sometimes we rely solely on established organizations or agencies to provide solutions.

Today there are many innovative avenues for reaching people with information and help. Amy suggests that MPH grads use their creativity and public health knowledge to create solutions to age-old problems regarding health.

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